My second blog award nomination in less than a month.I never expected this to happen. I started my blog in June. At first I didn’t have a clear direction I wanted to take with my blog. I was just going to write about my daily thoughts. That is until I got introduced to that just changed everything for me. Since I love fashion I figured that would be perfect for me to focus my blog on fashion. Now I know I’m suppose to nominate 5 people with less than 300 followers I haven’t decided on who I will choose but when I do I will edit this post to include those people. If you think you qualify feel free to answer these questions.

1 Who is your favorite fashion designer?

2 What is your dream job?

3  If you were invited to be a guest at the Grammy’s what would you wear?

4  What was your favorite subject in school?

5 What is your favorite hair product?

A little abut me. I love Idris Elba.My style mentor is J Lo. I would love to bring New Year’s Eve in at Times Square. I love Giuseppe high heels. I had a huge crush on Method Man in high school. (I still do)


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