My Wendy’s Inspired Berry Almond Salad

Now as you all know I only post fashion blogs.This is my first food blog so I hope you like it and are inspired by it! A few days ago on my way home from the gym me and my workout buddy decided to go to Wendy’s for lunch. I wanted to try their new Berry Almond salad after seeing the commercial a few times. I have always been a big fan of their limited edition salads but this one is my all time favorite! The taste is so addicting I decided to poke around the salad to see what the ingredients were,after that I hopped in the car and we headed to the produce market to gather the ingredients to make the salad. I have never copied salads from fast food restaurants but this one really stood out for me and I knew I had two choices either go broke from buying this salad everyday or make it at home I decided to go with option number two. I did tweek the recipe a little. There salad had romaine lettuce I opted to use a salad mix using escarole and radicchio lettuce,their salad had no tomatoes I added tomatoes to mine, and I used fat free dressing.



Salad mix including escarole and radicchio lettuce
sliced almonds,strawberries,blueberries
tomatoes,grilled chicken,fat free raspberry vinegrette dressing



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