My Weight Loss Journey

Before I start blogging about fashion again I wanted to post this blog in hopes that I can help someone who is having a tough time with losing weight. Now I was skinny all my life once I hit 30,started having kids,and got married,then it seemed like the weight just piled on! Because I wasn’t used to being heavy I became depressed and my fashion choices sucked because I was so embaressed with my weight gain I started wearing big frumpy clothes to try and hide my weight. After a while I realized this weight isn’t going to come off by itself I have to do something about it! Since I was new to dieting I tried all the fad diets which worked for a short period of time but I noticed the weight came right back on. So then I added exercise to my regiment and started seeing results! Here’s where the problem came in I had dieted and exercised ad as a result I lost 40 pds but guess what I gained it all back in 3 months reason being I went right back to my unhealthy lifestyle of ordering out and no exercising! So around Xmas time last year I stepped on the scale and realized I gained an extra 25 pds. So I gained 65 pds I said no way that’s it! I threw away all take out menus,got my but off the couch and started moving. And no fad diets this time I said I would lose it the good old fashion way eating healthy and exercising! But this time I’ve been hitting the gym 3 to 4 times a week. And I’m down 20 pds! I hope I will inspire someone today with my blog.Image 


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